Support-Vessels: flexibel and shortterm

Supersail Offshore Support has a long track record to support the offshore industry. We know about the smaller and bigger challenges in rough environment that occur during installation operation or maintenance and can provide tailor made solutions. 

Our Power

We are specialized in flexible and short term supply of crewtender, servicevessels and fast guardvessels. We offer a wide range of specialized boats and ships for shallow and coastal waters. 

We offer

We offer a broad fleet of operations for the shallow water area and in coastal waters.

  • CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) Nearshore
  • GV (Guard Vessel)
  • UXO/EOD support
  • Marine Construction support nearshore

We support offshore engneering: nearshore & offshore

Our Focus

There is a simple truth: if you believe in what you do, you can achieve great things. That is the reason why you can achieve your goals with us.

Our clients

We are experienced, reliable and appreciate working with great customers.

Our Motivation

Our work is our passion and a positive drive for every new day. We see challenges as an opportunity to show the best side of us.